RatCoin Crypto: Things you Need to Know

What Is Ratcoin

RatCoin is a peer-to-peer Cryptocurrency that was originally created to empower people with the opportunity to be able to get rid of things they don’t need but are still valuable. A person could easily get rid of something they no longer want by using coins.

RatCoin is a unique Cryptocurrency in that it is the first to have a built-in tipping system. This means that people can send and receive RatCoins as tips for goods or services.

RatCoin was created with the idea that it could be used as a currency, but also as a way to get rid of things that people don’t need. It is a peer-to-peer Cryptocurrency that allows people to send and receive RatCoins as tips for goods or services. This makes it the perfect Cryptocurrency for anyone who wants to get rid of things they don’t need but are still valuable.

RatCoin is a unique Cryptocurrency that is quickly gaining in popularity. With a built-in tipping system, it is the perfect way to send and receive payments for goods or services. If you are looking for a way to get rid of things you no longer want, RatCoin may be the perfect solution for you.

Rat Coin Crypto Price

The RatCoin crypto price is $0.016 per coin and is updated every 10 minutes. It is available on CoinPriceIQ, which lists the top 250 cryptocurrencies and their corresponding centralized and decentralized exchanges. It is also listed on the popular Bitcointalk forum. The first time it was listed, the RatCoin crypto price was $0.00. As of this writing, the RAT price is worth $0.0164.

rat coin
rat coin

It has gained 0.82% in the last 24 hours. It has a market cap of $0 and a daily volume of $59. It has a total supply of 90,000,000,000,000 RAT. The RATCOIN website does not give investment advice and is intended for informational purposes only. However, a quick review of the RATCOIN website is highly recommended.

RatCoin Twitter

Maximum Supply of Ratcoin

The RatCoin website states that the maximum supply of the crypto currency is 9 billion. There are currently 0 coins in circulation. However, if you’d like to mine the RATCoins, you can visit the website of the company. Its current market value is $0.01 per coin. The initial investment is $18. The token price can go as high as $0.05 on Binance. This makes it an attractive investment for many investors.

rat coin price
rat coin price

Despite its popularity, the RATCOIN crypto price has fluctuated. The coin has a high demand. With a high amount of circulating RAT, it is worth investing in a cryptocurrency to invest in. If you’re looking for a cryptocurrency that’s profitable and safe, RATCOIN could be the perfect choice. The RATCOIN crypto price is $0.000072, up 0.82% over the last 24 hours. The total supply is 90,000,000,000,000 RAT. The website does not provide investment advice.

Ratcoin as Investment

The RATCOIN crypto price is constantly rising and can be a good investment. The RATCOIN is currently a popular cryptocurrency and has a high demand. Its developers are working hard to make the RATCOIN as easy to use as possible for the public. There is also a large demand for the RATCOIN cryptocurrency, so it is worth investing. The RATCOIN has a high demand and can be purchased online for less than one cent.

The RATCOIN crypto price has been climbing in recent days. Currently, it is trading at $0.000072, up 0.82% over the past 24 hours. Its market cap is $0, and its volume is $59. It has a total supply of 90,000,000 RAT. The RATCOIN website does not provide investment advice. While the RATCOIN cryptocurrency market is currently rising, it is a promising opportunity for investors.

Ratecoin crypto price prediction 2022,2025,2030

Ratecoin’s market cap on the 27th may be $0.00 and it’s possible to buy on an exchange for about $1,307. It is trading at $0.000001 today and has had a change of -4.16% as opposed to yesterday. It has had an overall change of 5.27% over the week and -8% over the month as well as a decrease of 57.7% against BTC since last month.

Ratecoin forecast 2022

The Ratecoin forecast for 2022 would be around 0 if nothing changes in the next 2 years with it being available for purchase for about $1,307 right now. The market cap will also be worth about $2 if there are no other changes in the meantime.

Ratecoin forecast 2025

The Ratecoin forecast for 2025 would be around $0 if nothing changes in the next 5 years with it being available for purchase for about $1,307 right now. The market cap will also be worth about $2 if there are no other changes in the meantime.

Rat coin

Ratecoin forecast 2030

The Ratecoin forecast for 2030 would be around $0 if nothing changes in the next 10 years with it being available for purchase for about $1,307 right now. The market cap will also be worth about $2 if there are no other changes in the meantime. These predictions assume that the Ratecoin cryptocurrency remains stable and does not experience any significant drops or spikes. You should always do your own research before investing in a cryptocurrency.

RatCoin Investment Information. 

RATCOIN was launched on 11/11/2014 and works without the need of a reserve bank or single administration. The crypto has an open source code for everyone to see, no hidden codes that can be traced back to an individual. The maximum supply of Ratcoin is 9 billion coins with close to 0 coins currently circulating around the exchanges. If you are thinking about buying this crypto currency then first check out what we found out here at all star altcoins  before making your decision.

The crypto is currently selling for $0.000072 and has had a change of 0.82% over the past 24 hours. The RATCOIN price prediction for 2020 is $0.0002, 2021 is $0.0004, 2022 is $0.0008, 2023 is $0.0016, 2024 is $0.0032, 2025 is $0.0064, and 2026 is $0.0128. These predictions are made assuming that the Ratcoin cryptocurrency remains stable and does not experience any significant or spikes in value. Always do your own research before investing in cryptocurrency!

How to Buy RatCoin (RAT) Coin?

Source: Nagricoin.io

Buying RATCoin More Easy Steps Bololex:

  • SignUp on Bololex Exchange Here
  • Buy Dodge, ETH or other Crypto
  • Start Exchange or Trade with RATCOIN on Bolox

Bololex Ratcoin

Steps To Buy Ratcoin RAT On Binance Or Other Wallets

You can gain access to a number of valuable cryptocurrencies such as the ratcoin on a well-distinguished platform known as Binance. It costs around .1% from the taker side as wells as the giver side. This approximately scale downs the trade volume to 0.02% for both sides. It offers around 100 cryptocurrency pairs for effective and transparent trade to take place between the two parties. It has more advanced charts and has the in-house facility to convert dollars received from debit and credit card payments to the desired cryptocurrency of the user. This way, the buyers can earn huge slots without having to go through the complex process and praying that they won’t fall into a trap. So use Binance to upgrade your wallet with ratcoins. SignUp & Start Trading On Binance Now!

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Ratcoin Hd

Price Predictions

Let’s make the predictions an easy-to-understand process for the general viewers. We shall discuss the previous performance of the ratcoin on the percentage values. Overall the past distribution flow of the ratcoin has the following statistics:

  • The swap was about 13.49%
  • Community fund 2.25%
  • Development fund 4.26%
  • Uncirculated Supply 80%

According to the inventors of the ratcoin, it is likely to reach the new limits of absolute growth within the year 2021. Nevertheless, it’s a big gamble to invest in the highest rate ratcoin, but the proof of stake rate is around 20% for the new investors. It is strategized in order to cause a massive infestation of rat coin in the global cryptocurrency. And with the major developments made in the cryptocurrency field, the future prediction for the growth rate of POS for rat coin is projected to rise to 225%. People are afraid that the rat coin might reach the maximum limit in no time. But due to the steady proof of stake rate, it is not likely to take place anywhere soon.

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Source: Nagricoin.io

Rat Coin Crypto Currency Review

With the ever-growing demand for special types of cryptocurrency, the world has transformed and entered into an era where digital currencies have introduced new investment ways. Although the cryptocurrencies are decentralized – meaning there is no definite authority or any government to control the flow rate of the currency. The currency is actually controlled by the number of owners who further possess the liberty to spend or invest in multidimensional projects.

One of the latest additions in the cryptocurrency family has stunted the world with a remarkable growth rate. People seem to invest in the newly invented currency known as the RatCoin due to its beneficial financial structure. We shall discuss later to facilitate more about the efficiency of the rat coin. Bitcoin is another coin-based cryptocurrency that is very valuable in terms of transactions. A large amount of the population is associated with the buying and selling of bitcoins. It is now considered a valuable asset and is very dear to the hearts of its investors.

In this article are main concern is about the knowledge of cryptocurrency and its monitoring in a legal manner to develop authentic profit amounts. Rat Coin, as the latest cryptocurrency, is introduced to take care of the digital currency flow, and people could invest more than ever before under safe circumstances and rotate cash to make useful payments on online channels.

The principal factors that will give you a clear idea of how ratcoin works are given below:

  1. What Is RatCoin?
  2. Where To Buy RatCoin?
  3. Where To Utilize RatCoin?

We will discuss them in detail later, but let’s just go on to understand the proper working of cryptocurrency and the major terms associated with it.

About Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency available to millions of people virtually. There is a huge significance of these currencies as they do not fall under the direct government or authorities who could confiscate them unconditionally at any instant. In fact, they are controlled by the number of members belonging to a certain group. You can spend it on a number of platforms by keeping your identity safe and sound. There is a huge list that contains several distinctive cryptocurrencies to facilitate virtual currency enthusiasts.

More importantly, cryptocurrency has deduced transparent currency flow, which lets you keep track of your currency all the time. In comparison to the ordinary currency notes, where you have to open practical bank accounts to keep your money safe, the cryptocurrency is treated the same way but with the difference of its virtual body, which is kept safely in online accounts as safe bank deposits. And it is floated globally without requiring the permission of economical controlling authorities. Virtual cash flow through cryptocurrency was made easier as it possesses complete immunity from the globally governed systems, such as the World Bank, Governments, or other Economical Forums, which control the functioning of the whole cash flow on this planet.

It’s time to know the bad and good sides of cryptocurrency so that, as a user, you may not fall victim to the frauds regarding them.

Source: Nagricoin.io

How does It work?

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital commodity. And for its functioning, there is a strong network that is formed among a huge number of global computers, and it holds and controls the amounts of cryptocurrencies. The premium quality of this robust network makes it uncontrollable for the department of law. The tendency to strive for better possessed by the cryptocurrency makes it available to the number of target audiences who would like to invest in the virtual currency. The legal bodies governed by the government stay outside of the confidential status of the cryptocurrency, and this way, people afraid of governments’ legal actions reinvest their cash on digital wallet channels.

Invest Crypto


Digital currencies have a lot of advantages and disadvantages as well. Cryptocurrencies are relatively safer to transfer between the two concerned parties. For instance, if you have a friend or a family member living in a distant area and you wish to transfer the currency, but you don’t have the option of a bank or other third-party networks available to you, then cryptocurrency comes very handily. The bank and credit card companies keep their small cut for transferring your money through digital channels anywhere in the world. On the contrary, the types of cryptocurrencies offer full-proof aid in making your currency transfer easier and faster. Don’t get confused by the open policies of cryptocurrency as it gives safe passkeys to make the transfer of currency more secure. The least amounts are charged on different online wallets, which give you complete control over your cryptocurrency flow.


Having countless advantages does not make cryptocurrency free from the bad aspects. There are few discrepancies caused specifically by the cryptocurrency to which the users are familiar very little. Money laundering and tax evasion are the global crimes that will haunt you in your dreams. The problem with cryptocurrency is that it is semi-anonymous in nature, which means that actually, on the user end, the government does not know that who the owner is or which groups are in control of them. Due to the anonymity, it can be utilized by terrorists, thieves, or other unwanted crime-oriented groups, who would formidably use it for their wrong purposes. There are some special cryptocurrency types that fully protect the consumer’s identity, and they are also difficult to track as well.

Keeping in view the advantages and disadvantages, we still need to understand the mechanism of virtual cash flow so that in the near future, we could turn towards more advantages bearing items. And as humans, it is our responsibility to share knowledge of such products so that our fellows can know the updates of what’s going around in our world.

Are Cryptocurrencies Legal?

As the usage of cryptocurrencies is not properly controlled by the governing bodies of the country, therefore some countries like China are still hesitant about its productivity. Apart from China, the USA, UK, Italy, Spain, and other countries have grown fond of the idea of cryptocurrency and have encouraged its wide usage for the number of authorized transactions.

In the coming years, it is estimated to spread with the more effective speed in even the underdeveloped countries as well so that they as a country could know the future of cryptocurrency and then later utilize them for their citizen wellbeing.

Criticism On Cryptocurrency

There is no direct war against cryptocurrency, but people have core concerts about the working of the cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency entirely depends upon supply and demand, and its exchange rate is based on both these factors. Often the strategist has noticed that most cryptocurrency designs are based on a high degree of scarcity. The unexpected fluctuation on the specific cryptocurrency is without a doubt an alarming situation for the buyer. That is the very reason that the economists call them a speculative bubble where there is no assurance of true promises.

About Rat coin

It was assumedly introduced to the global family of digital currency by the one and only no real person like Elon Musk. Yes, there have been some false articles on the internet claiming that the ratcoin was invented by Elon Musk. There is official proof on the website of ratcoin that refused the association of Elon Musk with the ratcoin. Most surprisingly, a whole background story was made to announce the addition of a revolutionary asset in the cryptocurrency group.

Like any other type of cryptocurrency, the rat coin has the same functionality – meaning they are discrete in performing any type of digital currency transfers and payments.

On the basis of higher demands from the rat coin users, this article is written with the intent to provide ample information about the ratcoin and its related problems, and some proved proposed methods to overcome the other ratcoin related difficulties. The interested buyers will only invest in large amounts of cash if they are sure about the legitimacy of them.

RatCoiN has a ticker of RAT, and it can offer a maximum supply of 9 billion. It has a very effective block time of 3 minutes. These are some of the standard specifications with which the enthusiasts must remain familiar to charge more amounts through the well-flown cryptocurrency of ratcoin.

Ratcoin Cryptocurrency Review And Price Predictions

RAT Crypto Review

According to the inventors of the ratcoin there is two main fund system which will ensure the proper functioning of the digital cash. With an urge to create double the ratcoin, the team associated with ratcoin is quite optimistic about its transparency and its efficacy in the near future. The name of the funds created for the evolution of ratcoin are mentioned below:

  • Development Fund
  • Community Fund

The development fund is responsible for the creation of wallets through which the consumers will have the utmost ease for flowing digital currency anywhere they desire the most. All the costs associated with the wallet and its up gradation will be paid through the development funds. Supposedly, mobile wallets will also be formed with the utilization of development fund money. Whereas the community would play a vital role in assisting the growth programs important for the success of ratcoin. These programs include bounties, faucets, and other competitions. Both funds will undergo rapid staking throughout the twenty four hours of the day to ensure clarity to the users.

To understand the price predictions, as a user, you should first become familiar with the infamous idea of staking. Staking has a major influence on the rotational flow of the ratcoin. An individual must know its methodology to invest healthily in future endeavors.

Source: Nagricoin.io

What Is Staking?

Staking involves the active participation of the interested users who performs validated transactions on proof of state block chain. People on the blockchains can use the opportunity and, with the minimum balance required, can validate specific transections and earn many rewards. It works simply by having the minimum required balance and then its addition as a node deposit amount of cryptocurrency on the relevant network. As soon as the deposit is made to the network, the chances of getting rewards increases whenever the particular node is submitted as a block on the network. More and more rewards if the process is repeated with successful deposits.

Hype OF RatCoin On Social Media Platforms in 2021

Digital marketing is the newest trend to display things differently on online platforms. Whether it’s a website or a social media channel, altogether they each hold the supremacy to portray the benefits of a certain product on display and then drive a number of audiences to at least give it one try in a whole lifetime. You can follow videos, blogs, and info graphics for the purposeful concept of ratcoin on social websites like Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Bitcoin Talk, Medium, and Discard.

Engagement with people already experiencing the trade of ratcoin can help you sort out a certain set of confusions regarding the ratcoin. The reviews and remarks also crucially define the limitations of the frequent usage of certain cryptocurrencies. But beware of the malicious sites which can cause you millions in the form of cryptocurrencies. Trading cryptocurrency is made easier with social software; still, it is not protected – the identity of the giver and acceptor remains known to few social sites if you use their platforms for trading. So to avoid that, use only a trusted platform where your identity is secured.

Websites Where You Can Approach For The Ratcoin

If you as a fresher do not know that how to buy ratcoin, then you can take help of the internet. Yes! The internet has the tendency to help any person who seeks a piece of information for a relevant topic of any type. Feel free to explore the following platforms for facts regarding the ratcoin and its working mechanism.

  • MoonStats
  • Coinlib
  • Blackspot.io
  • Coinpeprika
  • Coingecko

These platforms can provide you guidelines for the investment of ratcoin and help you figure out the daily conversion rates of ratcoin to different currencies.


Cryptocurrency lets you buy and trade services and products on online platforms. They have amazing types through which an interested consumer benefit a lot through the designated stake rewards. If you look on the other side of the coin, some people are against the investment of several cryptocurrencies due to their instant fluctuation in the basic structure. Economists think that they are a time wastage activity in which millions of participants jump just to give them the feeling of owning something extraordinary as a digital currency stake. All these mixed assumptions about cryptocurrency are responsible for not declaring as a legal activity in certain countries.

Ratcoin is the special type of cryptocurrency on which most consumer’s eyes are stuck to let it make its mark in the near future and prove its efficiency like the very famous cryptocurrency called bitcoin. The development and community fund are designated with a calculated amount to check them and maintain the continuous flow of ratcoin and further grow it in multiple values. As a consumer, you would have to decide what’s suit for you.

Source: Nagricoin.io


The RATECOIN is not just a coin of digital currency but also an investment system that uses the power of blockchain technology to run smart contracts and offers users up to 3% interest on their investment. The user can get returns four times a year with no deposit or withdrawal fee for investors.

There are multipliers in each cycle with a limit on investable assets in every turn, which means it is impossible for the Ratecoin system to default on its payments. This Ratecoin crypto is unique in all aspects because you will receive the same payout even if it has been months since you invested in this project because the RAT token or this platform guarantees results with transparency and security.

The project is managed by a team of experts who have years of experience in the financial and digital world.

The Ratcoin project is an investment system that uses the power of blockchain technology to run smart contracts. These contracts allow users to earn interest on their investment, with returns being paid four times a year.

There is no deposit or withdrawal fee for investors, and each cycle has a multiplier that limits the investable assets in every turn. This ensures that the Ratcoin system cannot default on its payments, making it a safe investment option. The project is managed by a team of experts with years of experience in the financial and digital world, making it a reliable choice for those looking to invest in cryptocurrency.

Ratecoin is unique because it offers the same payout, even if it has been months since you invested. This is due to the Rat token or platform guaranteeing results with transparency and security. So, if you are looking for a reliable investment option, Ratecoin is a great choice

The Ratecoin forecast for 2030 would be around $0 if nothing changes in the next 10 years with it being available for purchase for about $1,307 right now. The market cap will also be worth about $2 if there are no other changes in the meantime. These predictions assume that the Ratecoin cryptocurrency remains stable and does not experience any significant drops or spikes. You should always do your own research before investing in a cryptocurrency.

RatCoin crypto Basic Information

Raised:  $6,000 ICO Price:  $0.000075 ROI: (-87.10%) /  2025 Exchanges: 1 Exchange Volume: $59 24h Volume Peak: $5 0

RatCoin is unique because it offers the same payout, even if it has been months since you invested. This is due to the Rat token or platform guaranteeing results with transparency and security. So, if you are looking for a reliable investment option, Ratecoin is a great choice!

RatCoin Q1 2021 Report


Q1 2021 UPDATE

We are now well into 2021 and with the swap over it is hopefully a new and brighter beginning for RatCoin. Apart from a few hiccups at the start and the fact that the total amount we ended up swapping was over 120 Billion (when the supply was only supposed to be 90 Billion), the swap actually went quite smoothly. Our thanks goes to Bololex for making it easier for the swap to be administered. With regards to the swap, we will be going into more detail about what happened below.
Even though the swap is over and the first quarter of the year is coming to an end, we still have quite a few things to tidy up from the swap and a few things that need to be implemented almost straight away, which we will also go into more detail about below.
We would also like to make sure at this point that everyone understands that RatCoin was not created by Elon Musk nor is it affiliated with him in any way, shape, or form. The post that recently appeared online was not created by us or by anyone that we know and we are unclear of the persons intentions behind it. So just to be clear again, we have nothing to do with Elon Musk and whatever RatCoin does will always be posted on our official website, like this report. Not on random websites or in random posts in social media (unless through official Announcements).
We hope that this report will provide everyone in the RatCoin community, new and old, with the answers to any questions they may have had in regards to RAT 2.0, the swap, the premise, and the future of RatCoin.

RatCoin SWAP 


So the 1:100 swap to RAT 2.0 has finished. But what exactly happened and where did the funds go from the pre-mine? Below we will hopefully answer any of the questions and get rid of any of the concerns you may have about the swap.

If you don’t know what the new RatCoin specifications are, they are as follows:

Ticker: RAT
Max Supply: 9,000,000,000 (9 Billion)
Block time: 3 Minutes
Algorithm: Scrypt POS / POW
Premine: 20% (1.80 Billion) made up of:
10% for the swap (~900 million)
5% for Development (~450 Million)
5% Community Fund (~450 Million)
Coinbase maturity: 30 blocks
Staking Maturity: 30 Blocks (~1.5 Hour)
Target spacing: 3 minutes
Target timespan: 1 block
Transaction confirmations: 30 blocks
Pow 0 coins per block till block 200k
Staking APY:
Block NumberPOS %
0,000 – 50,00020%
50,001 – 100,000225%
100,001 – 150,000200%
150,001 – 200,000175%
200,001 – 250,000150 %
250,001 – 300,000125%
300,001 – 350,000100%
350,001 – 400,00075%
400,001 – 550,00050%
550,001 – 600,00025%
600,001 – 650,00020 %
650,001 – 700,00015%
700,001 – 750,00010%
750,001 – Max Supply5%

The first point we would like to address is the premine. We have heard a lot of people mention that they thought the premine was quite large (20% or 1.8 Billion). We had previously explained why this was the case, but for those that do not know or are new to the community we will explain it again.
As is stated in the coin specifications (above), we had set aside 900 Million (10%) NEW RAT which we hoped would accommodate the 1:100 swap of 90 Billion old RAT, and then also set-aside another 900 Million (10%) for the creation of two funds that will assist in the growth and development of RatCoin. These two funds were the Development and the Community Fund, both were to get 450 Million RAT each.
The purpose of the Development Fund is to assist in paying for creation of the wallet and any costs associated with the updating of the wallet, including the creation of mobile wallets in the near future. It will also assist in paying for the listing of RatCoin in additional currency pairs or for new listings on new exchanges. There are also future goals of RatCoin that will require these funds as RatCoin grows into an even better crypto.
The purpose of the Community Fund is to assist in paying for community growth programs like; bounties, faucets, competitions and more. Basically anything related to community growth that may require funding.

  • Wallet creation and updates
  • Mobile Wallet Development
  • Exchange Listing Fees
  • Explorer & Website Hosting & Maintenance
  • Any Future Development Costs
  • Bounties
  • Faucets
  • Bonuses
  • Airdrops
  • Any Community Growth Program Costs


Both of these funds will be held in separate wallets that will be staking 24/7 to help secure the network and also to increase the balances of each of the Funds to ensure there will be enough funds for growth and future development of RatCoin. So there is complete transparency, we will be setting up two new pages on the website that will deal solely with each of the Funds. It is on these pages that we will show the addresses and balances of the funds as well as have all of the information relating to each of them regarding their use. We will be setting these pages up in the next week and will create posts to let everyone know via social media when they are live. Just to be clear about it as well, the dev and/or admin team has not received ANY funds from these sources, and any decisions about the use of these funds will generally be put to the community before their use.

As previously mentioned, 900 Million new RAT was set aside for the 1:100 swap from the old RAT, that was supposed to have a maximum supply of 90 Billion. We hit and surpassed the 90 Billion late last year. With the max supply already in circulation and the POS still set HIGH, circulating supply was growing exponentially and by the end of January we were already close to 120 Billion circulating supply. In the weeks before the swap the circulating supply was growing by over 1 Billion per day, which would inevitably lead to the coin being worthless as the total circulating supply would just explode. So in order to protect the current investors and ensure the future of the coin we knew the swap HAD to happen reasonably fast.
Right at the end of the swap deadline (5th February) there was a total of over 131 Billion old RatCoin in circulation….41 Billion more than expected. We were hoping that a reasonable portion of the total circulating supply could be accounted for by dead accounts or wallets that were inaccessible as we were not the original devs of RatCoin and there were rumour’s that a lot of RAT was lost in exchange closures and wallets with forgotten passwords. Unfortunately, although there was amounts still outstanding, the total amount that was submitted for the swap ended up being 121,443,097,576.01 OLD RAT. With the 1:100 swap ration this meant that we needed to pay out 1,214,430,975.7601 New RAT to cover the whole swap. This left 585,569,024.23991 RAT 2.0 of the 20% premine to be split up between the two Funds.

DescriptionAmount (RAT)
Total Swap Amount– 1,214,430,975.76010
Wallet Creation & future Updates– 50,000,000.00000
Amount Earned from staking+ 16,771,245.00000
Total Remaining552,340,269.23991

As a part of a deal with the developer who created the new wallet for RatCoin, we paid 50 Million RAT to pay for the new wallet and any future updates or modifications. This was deducted from the Development fund at the time of the swap. With the adjustments for this and the extra that was required for the swap, it was decided to divide the remaining balance up in the following way:

Fund NameAmount (RAT)
Development Fund350,000,000.00000
Community Fund202,340,269.23991


Once the pages for the funds are set up on the website we will post links on social media. Below you will find the Fund Addresses.

Fund NameAddress
Development FundrBu6B4AcTjakKewSjBcahkxbXSJgyAP3hU
Community FundrH1c1q32UtcdewKzqnB9czVpCMCW86T8H1

As a result of the outcome as explained above, we will be adjusting the premine details in the specifications to show the actual figures, which will look like this:

Premine: 20% (1.80 Billion) made up of:
13.49% for the swap (1,214,430,975.76010)
4.26% for Development (383,228,755.00000)
2.25% Community Fund (202,340,269.23991)

Now that the swap has been performed and the new Staged POS is in place RatCoin is positioned for a longer, brighter future. We designed the staged POS of RatCoin to reflect the development process as things progress, rewarding the early adopters with a high POS which will decrease over time to adjust and cater for inflation and the growing circulating supply. We decided to start the POS at 20% to allow things to settle down after the swap and to entice new investors to RatCoin because of the up-coming increase in POS to 225%.
With a blocktime of 3 minutes and adequately staged POS it should take decades for Ratcoin to reach max supply.


RatCoin has NEVER had a roadmap before but we decided that with our fresh start with RAT 2.0 it was time for the community to know what RatCoin’s goals are, be able keep up with the progress and also have input into the Future of RatCoin themselves by having their own say about what we should be doing.
This Roadmap is really just a fluid list of goals that we would like to achieve in 2021, a guideline. As things progress we are hoping to have a lot more community input into our goals which may result in them changing, and for the better we hope.
Below we have split the Roadmap into the 4 quarters of the year, each outlining what we would like to achieve for that quarter. All of this will be available and updated regularly on the Roadmap Page of the website (to be completed in the next week).


We will be establishing a Development Fund and a Community Fund (as discussed above). These funds will have their own separate pages on the website that will contain all of the relevant information, balances and addresses relating to each of the Funds. This is to be completed in the next week (after the release of this report)

We have already begun our bounty campaign on Telegram and so far it has been successful. The Telegram bounty will end on the 31st of March and all payments for that bounty will be processed soon after (once verified).
We will also soon be starting a Bounty for our Discord server in the coming weeks.

In the coming weeks we will be asking to be added to the airdrop wheel on Bololex. We see this as an effective way to get other Bololex users that are not currently RatCoin holders to get a little bit of the coin and hopefully become interested in investing. Just another way to spread the word of RatCoin.

Some of you may have noticed that a lot of the information sites that list RatCoin are currently showing incorrect information. To some people this may not sound that important, but to new investors and a lot of other people in the crypto community the information sites contents and whether or not it is updated plays a huge role in how RatCoin will be viewed out in the crypto world and beyond. It is for this reason we will be focusing on updating information on the sites we are already listed, ensuring that they are all displaying the correct coin specifications, information and links, and also up to date exchange listings, trading volumes and market capital. Doing this can be time consuming, but we think that this is a high priority task needing our immediate attention. We will be looking at other information sites like CMC later in the year.

As previously mentioned, we will be adding the two Fund pages to the website. As well as this we will be giving the website a bit of a minor update with regards to graphics and fonts. The main addition will be the addition of our Roadmap, which will outline the goals for the year and be updated with the latest progress for each of the goals listed. This will allow the community to have a place to find out how things are going and what is happening next. We want the community to have transparency about what we are doing, we also welcome any input or ideas.

As part of improving the website and making it easier for people to set up their own wallets and start staking, we will be putting together some simple guides that will help people get the most out of their wallets and RatCoin. Included in these will be a wallet setup guide and a guide to staking RatCoin, with additional guides coming out as required or needed over time.

As there is not much of Q1 remaining and we still have a bit to do, we will be applying to get added to the voting lists on the following exchanges where the community can use the power of their vote to get us listed:


We will keep the community updated with the progress of all of these via posts on social media, our quarterly reports, and on the Road Map page on the website when it has been completed.


We will be creating a wallet bot for both our Telegram and Discord Socials. At this point people will not be able to stake from this wallet, but this may be added when the bots are finally released or soon after. These bots will mainly be for us to perform Bounties and Airdrops in the socials, and also for users to be able to tip, swap, rain or trade RatCoin.

We will be investigating two mobile wallet options leading up to Q2. One will be utilising an existing coins wallet and being integrated into it, the other will be our own custom Android Wallet. We expect to have one version released before the end of Q2

We will commence work on our e-commerce plugins, beginning with a WordPress payment plugin. Depending on complexity and regulations, we hope to have this released in Q2. The plugin will be free and we are hoping it will assist in RatCoin being used by WordPress site owners and e-commerce stores as an alternative form of payment, opening the doors for RatCoin as a legitimate currency.
The community will be notified when the development starts and we will post progress updates as things progress. We will also require people to help us test the plugins pre-release, so we will be asking for the communities assistance when we are closer to completion and ready to Beta test.

In Q2 we will be focusing heavily on the voting listings with the exchanges listed above and also investigating and costing listings on other more major exchanges to see what viable options we may have for listing later in the year (Q3, Q4); examining costs, delisting rules and listing criteria and will keep the community informed of the progress in our quarterly reports and on the progress updates on the roadmap.
We have also partnered with a developer who is currently in the process of creating their own exchange and it should be in Q2 that it will be opening. We are hoping to have RAT listed as a currency pair for the exchange, which will mean that any other coins listed on the exchange will have the opportunity to be traded with RAT.

At this point we think it would be a good idea to try and get a listing on CoinMarketCap. The application process can be long and complex, but we will complete the process and hopefully at least get a simple listing on their platform. There is no guarantee of getting the listing, but if we do, having this will definitely be a huge step for RatCoin as this is the platform a lot of people use to check the legitimacy of a coin.


While we will be constantly looking for other faucets to infest the world with RatCoin, in Q3 we will be adding a faucet to our website. With advertising we are hoping that this will drive people to the website where all of the official information is and learn more about RatCoin once they get a little taste from the faucet.
This faucet will be funded by the Community Fund

Now that things should be getting established, we thought it would be a good time to create and open the RatCoin Merchandise shop. At the time of opening we are hoping to have t-shirts, jumpers, hats, cups, keyrings and more. All bearing the RatCoin logo so we can show ourselves off. A lot of the merchandise will be meme related and we will also be running meme contests in the community, where the winner has their meme available on Merchandise available from the store. Payment for the merchandise at the start may be in fiat or part-payment in RatCoin, but eventually we would like people to be able to simply purchase things using only RatCoin.
The best thing about it all is that all of the profits will be going back into RatCoin to help grow and develop things further.

By now we would hope that RatCoin will have been listed on a few of the exchanges we were campaigning for in Q1 & Q2. After also performing an investigation earlier in the year into bigger exchanges where we can list RatCoin, it is in Q3 that we will ask the community which exchange(s) they would like to pursue (out of the list of investigated ones). Once the decision has been made by the community and the necessary funds and requirements are met we will begin the process of listing.


This will be the ultimate infestation….We will be partnering with a few other coins to create a gaming platform similar to that of Phoneum. Development will not start until Q4 and we can’t really reveal too much at this stage as it is still in discussions but, provided things go to plan, we are hoping to have at least one game out by the end of the year. This will be updated as things progress.

In Q4 we will also be starting to prepare for the following year


So this year RatCoin is ready to charge ahead, but we want to make sure that we have a solid enough foundation and community before we push things too far, like listing on major exchanges. Everything will come with time, and although we plan on keep these time-frames for the goals we also know that there will be changes and additions to the goals and the Roadmap over the course of the year. Some things may happen faster than others, some may be met with roadblocks. All we can say is that the new admin and development team for RatCoin is dedicated to seeing RAT rise from the ashes of it’s former self and become another well-known and trusted crypto in the crypto world.
For all of those people wanting a major exchange right NOW, please do some research and understand why we are not pursuing this at this point in time. It isn’t as easy as just filling out a form and listing, the major exchanges are very complex and expensive to list on and RatCoin is just not ready for any reason right now. Just like skyscrapers need deep foundations to support them, we need to build our community and a solid foundation for RatCoin. This will enable us to successfully list on more major exchanges.
From the RatCoin team, we hope this report has given you all some insight into the world of the new RatCoin and where it is headed. We will post more updates on our socials as we finalise setting up things on the website. Once the Roadmap is set up on the website, we will be posting all of the progress updates for each of the listed goals as they happen. For us, the work has just begun…Here’s to a great year for RatCoin!


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