Slope Wallet, the Solana wallet platform tapped earlier this week for around $5 million, has announcement that he will pay a 10% bounty (worth approximately $450,000) if the attacker returns the stolen funds.

In a Tweeter Posted on Friday afternoon, Slope’s team released a Solana address and appealed to the thief with further prompting: “Upon receipt of these funds, we will not make any further efforts to investigate this matter, or to pursue any legal action.”

The team gave the striker a 48-hour window to return the funds and receive the bounty. He added that he was working with law enforcement and TRM Laboratories, a leading blockchain intelligence firm, to recover the stolen funds.

Tuesday evening, an attacker access to user seed phrases which had been stored in the clear on Slope’s centralized server and used them to steal cryptocurrency. The exploit affected thousands of users.

The Slope Wallet hack came on the heels of another major crypto hack, this one hitting the nomadic bridge for $190 million initially ($22.4 million was recovered).

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