the Expo Terra Dappscheduled for June 9 and 10 in Austin, Texas, has been canceled, according to the show’s official Twitter feed.

“We have been monitoring community responses to the idea of ​​continuing TDX, and after careful consideration, we have unfortunately decided to cancel the event. The decision was not taken lightly and is overwhelming news for everyone involved,” the exhibition organizers said. said on Twitter.

Over the past week, the linked collapse of the UST algorithmic stablecoin and Terra’s native Luna asset has resulted in heavy losses for those exposed to the market. The resulting chaos eventually led to Terra blockchain shutdowns and market trading halts as Luna’s circulating supply skyrocketed.

The organizers went on to say in another tweet that “there have been serious threats from naturally upset individuals who have lost everything in this accident – and we don’t want to risk anyone’s health/life”.

They added: “We can say that USD ticket purchases will be refunded, so bear with us as we work to process them – there will be updates in the coming days.”

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