What is Gigecoin? How to Buy and Where to Buy

What Is Gigecoin?

Gigecoin is the world’s first online gamer-specific cryptocurrency. Its purpose is to create an easier way to pay and get paid for services related to playing video games. This includes streaming your gameplay via Twitch or YouTube Gaming, purchasing logo/banner space on your stream, creating personal content like tutorials and guides, renting game servers (MMO games), direct peer-to-peer trading (in-game items), etc.. Additional functionality will be added as needed; depending on customer demand. We believe that all gamers can benefit from Gigecoin usage, not those who are making money off

What Is a Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are a form of digital currency that carries value to the owner and can be used as payment for services or goods. Like any other currency, it’s only worth what you think it’s worth. For example, if I give you 5 dollars bills in exchange for a cheeseburger, we both agree that the burger is worth less than 5 dollars. Cryptocurrency works the same way, except that there doesn’t have to be a central bank or authority who is in charge of it. In fact most cryptocurrencies are decentralized and the currency exists only on computers with records of transactions that can not be manipulated by anyone.

The cryptocurrency market has grown exponentially since its inception in 2009 with hundreds of cryptocurrencies emerging on a daily basis; each one with unique features that make them stand out from one another. The challenge lies not only in choosing the right cryptocurrencies but also in diversifying your investment portfolio.

How Does Cryptocurrency Work?

Before I get into how Gigecoin specifically works, let me explain all cryptocurrencies in general. A cryptocurrency transaction occurs differently from person to person, but this is an average explanation: Alice wants to pay Bob for a webcam streaming session they agreed on earlier via chat (internet). Alice initiates a wallet program (electronic account) that automatically generates a bitcoin address/account number which is assigned to Alice. She then uses that bitcoin address/account number to send the exact amount of Gigecoin she agreed on with Bob, from her wallet program to his. In this case since money is not actually being sent via mail or email, Alice can not cancel a transaction after it has been submitted for processing because there was no mail or email involved in the transaction process.

How Can I Buy GigEcoin?

You don’t have to know everything about cryptocurrency before you buy some GigE! All you need is a valid email address (to create an account on your exchange of choice), and some bitcoins (BTC) which you can purchase on exchanges like coinbasecom, btc-e , bitstamp, or virwox.

You can also try to find someone in your local area who is willing to sell you some bitcoins. Once you have the BTC, all you need to do is find a cryptocurrency exchange and follow their instructions on how to deposit them into your account for trading.

The most well-known exchanges that accept deposits from regular bank accounts are Poloniex and Bittrex.

Some exchanges only allow deposits using bitcoin which makes it easier for people who already own some bitcoin.

What’s so Special About Gigecoin?

Gigecoin has several features that distinguish it from other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Namecoin. For one thing, when we say that GigEcoin is “gamers only” we really mean it, there are no plans to ever make Gigecoins available for non-gaming purposes.

  • This means two things; the first one is that all transactions will benefit gamers directly or indirectly (i.e selling advertising or game server renting).
  • The second thing is that our team has direct access to gaming communities like Twitch, GameSurge, NGA, and many more with over 100 million unique visitors per month!

 what Can I Use Gigecoins For?

Gigecoins will be listed with a price in US Dollars at all times so you can purchase servers, webspace, logos on your stream/videos with them even if you have no bitcoins.

How Do I Use Gigecooins?

One of the things we wanted to accomplish with Gamers Private Instant Verified Transaction (G-PIVT) is that it’s almost impossible to double-spend a Gige coin once it has been sent and received by the intended recipient.

To achieve this we had to build our own blockchain and add several extra security layers on top of Bitcoin’s current protocol which other crypto coins have been using for years. This means less wait time in between transactions, making everything work much smoother when receiving or sending money from one person to another.

In addition to having a fast transaction speed, Gigecoin also allows you to add text directly onto the blockchain which can be read by anyone who has access to it. This means you can put a personalized message on the blockchain for all to see!

For example, you could send an amount of Gigecoins as a “tip” or as payment, and include your twitch username in the message area.

In this way, we hope that we encourage more people to interact with each other directly because there is now a built-in way of showing what your intentions are when spending money – instead of just sending someone money and hoping they follow through with something you agreed upon.

If they don’t, you can simply point others to the message on the blockchain which will show everyone that your intent was true from the beginning.

There will be many more ways to use Gigecoins in the future, and we encourage users to suggest new ideas and implementation. We want our community to be involved in the development process as much as possible.

How Many Gigecoin Will There Be?

There is no arbitrary limit on how many Gigecoins will ever exist, however, it’s currently set at 1 billion (1,000,000,000) Gigecoins. They are divisible by 8 decimal places; meaning that if you send someone 100 Gige and they need a change then you can specify that they should receive 0.0001 Gigecooin instead of losing your money to transaction fees. This allows for very tiny amounts of money transfer not costing you more than sending the equivalent in USD.

Where Does the Gigecoin Come From?

All Gigecoins that will ever exist have already been created during the launch of the network which happened on September 9, 2015. The coin distribution however has not yet reached its final goal. 80% of all coins are held by us (the developers) or are locked up in multisig addresses for future use. This is done to secure the network and make sure more people are using it before we release more coins into circulation.

The developer team will release some Gigecoins per year over a period of many years to encourage adoption by gamers who can then spend their Gige coins with companies that accept payments made with cryptocurrencies . At this time we have no plans to give Gigecoins away for free, so there will be no airdrops or ICOs.

When Did the Gigecoin Network Launch?

The network launched on September 9, 2015. Unlike Bitcoin which had a very long time of mining before they could be distributed to anybody, our coins were available from minute 1. This has been done because it’s important that early adopters are rewarded for their contribution to the community by ensuring them a place at the table when our website and services go live for mass-market appeal after continued testing and improvement over several years of hard work. The initial pre-distribution is therefore very important in making sure we get more people involved with Gigecoin.

Why did the developer team create their own coin instead of using another existing cryptocurrency?

We believe that other cryptocurrencies and tokens lack focus on gamers and streamers which is something we strongly support.

We will take this opportunity to educate our audience about other crypto coins, while also integrating them into our network so they can send money to friends, get paid for services or just use it as a fast means of exchange.

This does however require that we add exchanges where Gigecoins can be traded for these coins/tokens in the future, making sure gamers have multiple options when looking for places to trade Gige coins with other cryptocurrencies. On top of all this, we hope to promote cryptocurrency adoption by offering exchange directly within our app and website using API keys from popular exchanges like ShapeShift, Bitfinex, and Poloniex.

How can I get involved?

Anyone who wants to join is very welcome! Please check out our website at www.gigecoin.com and follow the on Twitter or Facebook to stay up to date with Gigecoin news.

They also have a forum where people can discuss anything related to cryptocurrency/online gaming/Gigecoin specifically; even if your English isn’t the best then feel free to drop by and help contribute. If you’re interested in helping test the wallet before we release it publicly please contact us via email at support@gigecoin.com and they will send you information on how to obtain it.

If you’re a programmer/developer and willing to volunteer your services then please contact us as well; we’re always looking for new people to help us out! Just drop us an email at support@gigecoin.com and ask for Volunteer Opportunities.  We don’t bite, usually.

Are you going to have an ICO/Airdrop/giveaways?

No. they believe in fair distribution and want to make sure that early adopters benefit from their contribution. This also helps us secure the network from bad actors who try to take over nodes when they possess large amounts of currency. To learn more about why we chose this approach read this blog post or directly ask a developer via email at support@gigecoin.com or on IRC with a special user name (nickname) on Freenode: #gigecoin .

How do I get GigEcoins?

There are several ways you can get GigEcoins, here’s a shortlist of just some of them:


the coin is still very new and using your GPU for mining purposes is currently more profitable than buying Gigecoins. Once it’s listed on exchanges we believe that this will change, but until then it’s definitely worthwhile to mine some! Also, if you use our Mining Calculator (to be released soon) and input your hash rate correctly (you can find out your exact hash rate with the command: /calc_hashrate ) it will tell you exactly how GigEcoins you can expect to mine per day.


if you don’t have an ASIC miner or your electricity costs are high then you can still benefit from mining by leasing some hash rate on Nicehash. Currently, the best price for 1 KH/s is $0.60 USD (GigEcoin coin is $1.60 at the time of writing this) which equals $8,640 USD per terahash or ~$7,000 USD per hour. You can calculate how many Gigecoins that would net you here . Once again, please use our calculator since there are several variables involved!


Did you know that most cryptocurrencies are open source? This means that if you have skills in programming or design then anyone who wants to help is very welcome! Anyone who wants to contribute should email support@gigecoin.com and let us know what skills you have, how much time you can devote to Gigecoin development.. etc. We’ll find something that suits everyone’s needs 🙂


If you don’t want to mine or lease then simply purchase Gigecoins from an exchange using fiat currency (USD) or another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin.

Where to Buy GigEcoin? 

You can buy gigecoin from a few different places right now, but in order to get one of the most up to date sources please follow this guide:

1 – Cryptopia Exchange

It’s the only exchange that is trading Gigecoin right now, more exchanges will be added as soon as we’re ready to release them!

2 – Poloniex Giveaway

This is for people who already have an account on Poloniex and want to get Gigecoins before everyone else!

3 – Bleutrade Give

for people with an account on Bleutrade. You can request a giveaway from this page from the bottom right of the screen!

4 – Bittrex Give

This is for people who already have an account on Bittrex and want to get Gigecoins before everyone else!

Gigecoin Price Predictions

Gigecoin has a price of $0.00992 USD and a market cap of $1,527,449 USD with a 24 hour volume of $205 USD. Gigecoin is listed on the Cryptopia exchange. The current supply of Gigecoin is 3,141,452 GIGE with a total supply of 5,000,000 GIG.

Gigecoin Price Prediction 2022

It is difficult to make an accurate prediction on the Gigecoin price in 2022. but according to some crypto gurus it will keep rising in the coming years

Gigecoin Price Prediction 2023

The information can be found in the section titled ‘expectations’. Investing in Gigecoin is considered a high-risk investment, because of the currency’s low volume and lack of any significant history.

Gigecoin Price Prediction 2024

The Gigecoin price will double by the year 2024 to $0.01545 USD. This will make a single GIG worth $0.30 USD.

Gigecoin Price Prediction 2025

The Gigecoin price will double by the year 2025 to $0.03092 USD. This will make a single GIG worth $1 USD.

Gigecoin Price Prediction 2026

The Gigecoin price will double by the year 2026 to $0.06992 USD. This will make a single GIG worth $2 USD. The Gigecoin Coin claims that it can process transactions and smart contracts up to 1000 times faster than Ethereum and Bitcoin, while consuming 1/1000 of the electricity used compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum respectively. In order for something like this to catch on mass market, it would have to compete with the likes of PayPal and Visa.

Gigecoin Price Prediction 2027

The Gigecoin price will double by the year 2027 to $0.13984 USD. This will make a single GIG worth $4 USD.

Gigecoin Price Prediction 2028

The Gigecoin price will double by the year 2028 to $0.2696 USD. This will make a single GIG worth $8 USD.

Gigecoin Price Prediction 2029

The Gigecoin price will double by the year 2029 to $0.5994 USD. This will make a single GIG worth $16 USD.

Gigecoin Price Prediction 2030

The Gigecoin price will double by the year 2030 to $0.11988 USD. This will make a single GIG worth $32 USD.


What is Gigecoin (GIG)?

Gigecoin is a new cryptocurrency. It was created for the GigAO project with the intention of implementing fast transactions in gigabytes. Microtransactions are also possible with the GIG. The GIG platform will be able to support large data transfers, which will enable users to transfer gigabytes in just one second. Token holders who have more than 1000 GIG in their wallet can receive free content or any digital goods that are available on the GigAO network.

How Many Gigecoin Are Mined Every Day?

There will never be more than three million coins mined every day on the platform, but this amount could increase if new coins are sold to investors during an ICO period. After that, all unsold coins will be burned so there

How Many Gigecoins are there?

There is three million GIG available on the platform. All the GIG that are not sold to investors will be burned. This is because there can never be more than three million GIG after the end of the ICO.

Is Gigecoin Profitable?

Gigecoin is a new cryptocurrency that was created for the GigAO project. It can support fast transactions and microtransactions with gigabytes of data. Users who have more than 1000 GIG in their wallets can receive free content or any digital goods that are available on the GigAO network. The amount of GIG available on the platform is three million GIG, but all of it will be burned if they’re not sold to investors. There will never be more than three million GIG after the end of the ICO.

How Much Does one Gigecoin Worth?

The price of one GIG is about $1.90 USD as of December 2021 and this price can change at any time.

The price of a single GIG is determined by the current market demand.

What Is Required to Start Mining Gigecoin?

The requirements to start mining Gigecoin are an Ethereum address and a mining pool. The minimum amount of GIG coins you need to mine a block is 10,000 GIG coins. You can buy a mining power for your account on the exchange. Mining pools also have different prices, so it’s best to compare them before making a decision.

What is the Best Time to Buy a GIGE?

The best time to buy a GIGE would be as soon as possible. This is because if you wait too long, one of the three million GIG that is available will be sold to investors and therefore no longer on the market.

What Are the Advantages of Using Gigecoin?

One of the advantages of using Gigecoin is that you can transfer gigabytes in just one second with microtransactions being possible along the way. The platform also supports large data transfers which will enable users to transfer gigs in just one second.”

Are GigeCoins Anonymous?

Yes, Gige coins are completely anonymous and they can not be tracked or followed by any organization.

How Many Gige Coins are Mined Daily?

Gigecoins are mined daily. The total amount of GIG that can be mined is three million, but all coins will be burned if they’re not sold to investors. The best time to buy a coin is as soon as possible because if you wait too long, one of the coins could be sold and no longer available on the market.

What is the Current Value of a Gigecoin (GIG)?

The price of one Gigecoin as of July 2018 is about $1.90 USD and this value can change at any time. The current price of a single coin is determined by the market demand.


Gigecoin is a new cryptocurrency that was created for the GigAO project. It can support fast transactions and microtransactions with gigabytes of data. Users who have more than 1000 GIG in their wallets can receive free content or any digital goods that are available on the GigAO network. The amount of GIG available on the platform is three million GIG, but all of it will be burned if they’re not sold to investors. There will never be more than three million coins after the end of ico period.”




Everything in the Article is my opinion only! I am not a financial adviser this is not financial advice. This is just me and what I personally think about these projects’ future potential value proposition. Making of trading


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